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Damnit, Pete Wentz is Cool

Damnit, Pete Wentz is Cool photo

Pete Wentz has just managed to secure his cool in my book. I hate to write about him, cause Fall Out Boy sucks, his dick shots were less than impressive, and manliner is for whiny bitches, but encouraging folks to advertise on his face by contacting jon@douchebag.com is flippin awesomeness.

Thank you for not being a complete tool.

Of course DoucheBag.com is an actual website (one of those porno spam sites) so Pete’s actually promoting a pornshop. Congrats, dude and I’m so glad you took plastic surgery victim Ashley Simpson off the market. Hopefully she’ll finally feel the love she never had from her papa and feel like a real person who doesn’t need superfoulous surgeries to fill the void in her soul.


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