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Designer: Antoniagoy

Designer: Antoniagoy fashion

Antonia Goy studied Fashion Design at Studio Bercot, Paris and later in Berlin at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee, where she graduated and did her master of art.

Designer: Antoniagoy fashion

She launched her Label ANTONIAGOY in 2005 right after winning at the Mittelmoda-Fashion-Award the price for the most creative collection given by the Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana. She did various international shows and exhibitions (Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Germany) before the 2008 winter collection, which was presented at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

Designer: Antoniagoy fashion

The philosophy of the brand is to design fashion that highlights the personality. The women’ s collections present looks that get their strength out of an experimental approach leading to innovative cuts and subtle balanced volumes. The playful crossover of various inspirations and the visionary way of merging different typologies to a new, is essential for ANTONIAGOY. Well selected materials underline the elegant look.

Designer: Antoniagoy fashion

The latest collection reinterprets the richly wrapped neckcloth of the revolutionary dresscode of the 18th century. The accessory is transformed with virtuous twists and knots into a garment. With the image of a nervous flap of a swallow the collection reveals silhouettes between tense agility and sharp, elegant outlines. Smoky transparancies face deep black, snowy white flashes through nocturnal colours. Sophisticated coats and ingenious capes contrast light and draped dresses. Structured scarves and printed shawls as accessory finish.

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