Designer: CRHEE

The name CRHEE, pronounced “cree”, was created from Christine Rhee’s desire to create a name that was both her own and something entirely new. Born and raised in a small town in Ohio, Rhee went on to receive her bachelor of arts in architecture from Princeton University. She worked for architect, Lynn Breslin and fashion designer, Mary Ping before striking out on her own.

Designer: CRHEE fashion

Rhee utilizes her architecture education and love of fashion to explore her ever-present fascination with the relationship that one has with one’s own appearance. CRHEE uses clothing as language to project the qualities of the wearer as strong, intelligent, and feminine. The aim is to create wearable clothes that are both modern and timeless while being classic yet unconventional.

Designer: CRHEE fashion

In “the Collector”, Rhee delved into the idea of rebellion while situating the rebellion within the frame of a theoretical office environment. “I wanted to create a new language of rebellion through form and fabric rather than relying on the tried and true loaded symbols of rebellion (studs, etc.).”

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