Designer Discovery: Dewi

Designer Discovery: Dewi fashion

Designer Discovery: Dewi fashion

Breaking out in the spotlight with beautiful and elegant creations, Alexandra Dewey never fails at a shot for innovation. After years of exploring the art of true design, the designer has spun her talents into a label known as Dewi. Necklaces and earrings created by the designer are hand sewn and supremely unique. Looking at a Dewi design one of the things that jumps out at you most is the extreme delicacy each piece emits. Coming in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes, it’s important to the designer that no two pieces are alike and it ensures each piece is truly one of a kind. The works created by Alexandra are often presented in either gold or silver with remnants of pearls, stones and beads. With unique creations, it’s no wonder people say it’s like “wearing drawings.” Even seeing a Dewi design for the first time, there’s no doubt any piece could be the perfect addition to your favorite outfit.

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