Designer Discovery: Hinks Taylor

Designer Discovery: Hinks Taylor fashion

Designer Discovery: Hinks Taylor fashion

Designer Discovery: Hinks Taylor fashion

Creating beautiful designs for the powerful, modern woman, Hinks Taylor has made her way to the front! It is the designer’s true calling to create pieces, which will jump out to just about any onlooker. Of the designs, Hinks pronounces them “striking and instantly recognizable.” The dresses mended throughout the collection use a basis of bold whites and blacks for color, whilst instilling sudden bursts of color in various places. The silhouettes the designer creates are both flattering and irresistible. The works are for women with a purpose; they are leaders and it’s their job to set the trend. Speaking of the vision for the collection’s direction, Hinks says “We want women to feel a freshness of style that is expressive, full of personality and secrets. We want to create a ‘look’, which says; independent, confident and sexy-traits, which encompass the modern woman.” Snag one of these designs, and it should be no surprise when your instilled with that sense of confidence.


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