Designer Discovery: Mandinez

Designer Discovery: Mandinez fashion

Mandinez is a line of original graphic Mandala designs inspired by Mandala Meditation featuring the Peace, Rainbow Lotus, Festival of Lights Mandalas & more! The Mandinez collection includes super soft 100% certified organic cotton t-shirts & totes in 14 unique designs. Mandinez apparel is also produced with Fair Labor and environmentally sound practices.

Designer Discovery: Mandinez fashion

“My inspiration came from Mandala Meditation, which comes from primarily Buddhist or Hindu colorful and symmetrical visual symbols representing the universe, used as an aid in meditation, but these symbolic patterns exist by different names in many cultures. Through the Mandinez line, I want to project an image of calm, health, green living and well-being incorporated with casual comfort, uniqueness, functionality and a
fashion edge, without being stodgy, preachy or too crunchy granola; although I’m pretty crunchy granola myself. After drawing, painting and coloring different Mandalas, I decided I loved the way they looked. And since I like to wear them, perhaps others would as well. It¹s a good way to remind myself
to go back to a peaceful place when life gets very hectic.”

Designer Discovery: Mandinez fashion

As an artist and designer in Brooklyn, New York, Callender sought to expand her creative horizons by seeking alternative forms of meditation, such as Mandala Meditation. Mandinez, which she launched in January 2007, is a tribute to the very sources of Jivelle’s inspiration. The name is derived from Mandala Meditation and Callender’s middle name Ines, which she shares with her mother and grandmother. Both women continuously spark her artistic and spiritual sides.

Designer Discovery: Mandinez fashion

Discounts are offered for first time buyers at 10% off the total order (Code: MANDINEZ10), and 15% off the total order for first time buyers who also sign up for Mandinez.com¹s e-mail list on its new website.


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