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Designer: Marimekko

Designer: Marimekko fashion

Designer: Marimekko fashion

Designer: Marimekko fashion

Designer: Marimekko fashion

Looking for a company with both innovative design technique and a wide-range of selection? Look no further! Marimekko has hit the streets and there’s no turning back. Pushing the walls to encompass strong pieces rooted with a wide range of inspiration, marimekko designers have truly hit the target. With marimekko, the objective is not always production and sale; rather, it is the twin sets of beauty and love, innovation and aesthetic. Designers at marimekko draw inspiration from their everyday surroundings; these clothes must thrive amongst their purpose and relate within their consumers. The works certainly achieve these chief goals.

Streaming across the palette with bold eye-catching hues, the color scheme used throughout the clothing and accessories are just about anything but dull. No matter where you are with a marimekko design, you’re sure to stand out amongst the crowd. Designers hit upon an affiliation for new technique and a reinvented voice. The pieces are all highly original and characteristic; however, they never fail to work together in a sense of cohesive unity.

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