October 24, 2008 | Kirby


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About the Author: After dropping $31 for Valencia orange juice and strawberry-banana yogurt at a Greenwich Village Gristedes, begging her parents for nearly $50,000 a year to attend America's dream school, NYU, and wasting $26.50 on a lost MetroCard, there is nothing more priceless than Kirby's arrival at Fashion Indie. As a Buffalo native, where the God-awful Ugg Boots slop around the slushy April snow, Kirby made the executive decision to relocate to an atmosphere accepting of crocodile thigh-high gladiator sandals (apologies to her dog who stuck in the suburbs of Buffalo sleeping in the shadows of the stairwell). Kirby is currently exploiting the opportunities New York City has to offer. From running into Gossip Girl cast members at the NYU gym, to coincidentally modeling in Fashion Indie's Brooklyn Bridge show, and finally to pursuing her dream of becoming the new Anna Wintour, Kirby is taking no prisoners...except maybe for her roomate's Marc by Marc jacket, which by the way Andrea, you probably won't see again.

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