Vidler & Nixon s/s '08

Fashion has a way of bringing people together—and we don’t just mean Kanye West and Anna Wintour. How else could you explain the pairing of a fashion student from Perth, Australia and a classical violinist from Glasgow, Scotland? The name Vidler & Nixon would be a start, and then a look at their s/s ’08 collection would be a beautiful finish.

Vidler & Nixon s/s '08Vidler & Nixon s/s '08

The two met in London, and embarked on their first collaboration two years ago (s/s ’06), a range of detailed one-off pieces. But the details were in the tailoring, which led to an unadorned structure. Since then, the duo has stayed true to their original concept, using creative cuts with a masculine edge to create a dark but feminine feel.

Vidler & Nixon s/s '08

For this season, that same vibe translates into a shirt dress with a plunging neckline and a lengthened tuxedo jacket that buttons on the bias. Sharp-cut cocktail dresses are offset by a few softer pieces, like a loose goddess dress. Never straying too far from course, the more floaty items are still paired with a rough leather jacket or an angular blazer to emphasize their masculine elegance. And fortunately Spring is in stock at one of our fave Marylebone shops KJ’s Laundry.

Content courtesy of JC Report.