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Designer: Psnob


Designer: Psnob fashionDesigner: Psnob fashion



 Combining a love of fine arts and fashion, Rebecca Robinson has crafted a collection of handbags which are at once stylish accessories and limited edition art pieces.  Hand painted on canvas and then sewn together to create unique works of art, each bag in the psnob collection showcases Rebecca’s skills.

Designer: Psnob fashionDesigner: Psnob fashion

“Women should not have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars for handbags that aren’t guaranteed to remain exclusive. is a handbag that enables women to express their individual style and that’s a powerful tool.

I wanted to use my fine arts background in an inimitable way, and tapping into the fashion industry was an avenue that would be very rewarding.”


Designer: Psnob fashionDesigner: Psnob fashion

Rebecca wanted to maintain the handbag’s true aesthetics by emphasizing the beauty of its texture and the three dimensional qualities, only a painting would exhibit. handbag crosses all barriers when it comes to combining art with fashion. “I am changing the negative meaning of the word through my art and one day everyone around the world will embrace being a is a movement; a way of life, self-expression and self-explanation.” handbags are individually designed to capture the attention of art enthusiasts as well as fashion savvy women who eagerly anticipate a superior handbag that represents their individuality, distinctiveness and sophistication.

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