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Edited by on July 27 2009 at 3:04 PM

DESIGNER TO KNOW: Asia Wysoczynska
DESIGNER TO KNOW: Asia Wysoczynska
The website Not Just A Label has become one of Fashion Indie’s favorites, providing us and our readers with the most current and innovative designer blood. Although narrowing down my favorite Not Just A Label designers is a pretty tough task, I can confidently say that designer Asia Wysoczynska reigns among the top. Hailing from Warsaw, Poland and currently in her last year at the International Costume and Fashion Design School, Wysoczynska has recently been recognized by the fashion savvy Diane Pernet, and for good reason!
With three collections, The Taste of Life, Androgyny Tighten Up and Northern Seas Memories, Wysoczynska has quite the array of both men’s and women’s pieces. Paying close attention to structure and detail, Wysoczynska’s aim is to design clothes meaningful for the people wearing them. Without a doubt, my favorite of Wysoczynska’s pieces are the transparent organza and taffeta dresses and shirts.
Keep your eyes peeled for Asia Wysoczynska because this girl is likely to become a household name!
See more from Asia Wysoczynska at Not Just A Label here!
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