DESIGNER TO KNOW: Trippen  fashionDESIGNER TO KNOW: Trippen  fashionDESIGNER TO KNOW: Trippen  fashionDESIGNER TO KNOW: Trippen  fashion

Combining modern design, environmental friendliness, sustainability and social responsibility is Berlin based shoe company, . Stemming from timeless classics and short-lived trends, founders and have broken away from traditional footwear with their one-of-a-kind designs and constructions. With local, small production and competitive prices make even the pickiest ethical buyer go crazy over these funky finds. Unlike most designers who create a seasonal collection, ’s existing styles remain  available with new designs added to the mix. With shops located throughout Europe and Asia, us USA buyers will have a tougher time getting our feet on shoes, but about 300€ (plus shipping of course) will take your kicks on a transatlantic journey to your doorstep!

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  • ellalu
    Ah, Trippen! The artiest shoes out there-- that also happen to be comfortable. I love mine so much!!!! I highly recommend getting them at Ped Shoes ( because their peeps are super nice! (I always ask a lot of questions when ordering shoes without being able to try them on.)
  • cyushanh
    OMFG LOOOOOOVE Trippen! i personally own like four pairs of them. all of them AWESOME. they ARE like pieces of artworks! amazing and comfy. you can get them at A-UNO in tribeca or a boutique on mulberry street in soho. they are absolutely AMAZING.
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