Dior Homme Makes A Push For Pugh?

RUMOR ALERT! RUMOR ALERT! AND I AIN’T TALKING ABOUT THAT UGLY CHIN WITH THE LAST NAME WILLIS EITHER! There are rumors swirling that Kris Van Assche is getting the boot from Dior Homme after his consistently poor performance over the course of the past couple seasons. Who is he rumored to be replaced by? Well if you’re that slow and haven’t realized that all the buzz is pointing to the Men’s “IT” designer of the year Gareth Pugh, then just stop reading this now and head towards the kitchen for a knife and begin cutting slowly.

Since the hype around Pugh is swirling without any signs of dissipation, Dior Homme is apparently bringing him in for some consulting work, thus resulting in the departure of Van Assche. Word has it that the rumors began when the daughter of LVMH owner Bernard Arnault was spotted front row at the Pugh show. 

It was also said that Pugh’s show this season was his “audition” for the job. If this is the case Van Assche has the same chance of keeping his job as Amy Winehouse does at getting sober.

Could this be the resurrection of Dior Homme? Let’s hope so!

Image courtesy of: The Fashionisto

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