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DIY Sock Bun

Messy buns can look undone.  If you want to look a little more put together, we have a bun that’s neat, easy and fun! (See what we did there, hun?)  Sock buns make your hair appear plump and full, and they are so simple to form!  All you need is a sock and some scissors.  Why not check them out?

DIY Sock Bun

Step One: Grab a sock that’s similar to your hair color and cut off the toe area.  The thicker the sock, the larger the bun.

Step Two: Starting from the spot that you cut, tightly roll the sock down as you would roll a sleeve.  The sock will start to form a doughnut shape.

Step Three: Secure your hair into a ponytail.  The placement of the ponytail will determine whether you want a low or high bun.

Step Four: Take the sock and pull the hair from your ponytail through the center of the doughnut hole.  Spread the ends of your hair around the doughnut and begin to roll the doughnut down the hair, towards the base of your ponytail.  Keep rolling and spreading until you get to your head.  If  you come across any unevenness, tuck those strands into bottom of the doughnut and continue rolling.

Step Five: Once the sock is at the base of your ponytail, use bobby pins to secure it into place as well as to hide any flyaways.

Step Six: Lightly spray the bun with hairspray.

**Attaining the perfect sock bun takes practice, so don’t give up if your bun looks a bit uneven the first few times you try.

Here’s a handy dandy video to help you achieve the look.




Written by Zosia Baroody

A fashion prodigy in training, you won’t see me without my beads. I enjoy headwraps, glitter and long walks on the beach. Tweet me @ZosiaBaroody