Do Not Attempt This at Home...I would probably pierce my lips shut, my back for a corset lace up, my ear to my cheek and my feet together before I would even think about doing this. Just when you thought the 21st century couldn’t think of anymore screwed up ideas, they come up with the worst of all: the brain piercing. 

We’re not just talking about the skin on the back of your head. No, we are talking about the skin, the skull and the brain. And we’re not talking about a fashion statement. We are talking about a “stylish” (more like disgusting) method to feel high…all the time:

They drill small holes in your  scull, then pass a metal ring through them. The trick is that the ring presses the brain tissue and invokes euphoria…The people who do already have it say that brain-piercing is something less harmful and cheaper than drugs. Doctors say it may cause an irretrievable damage for your brain. But no pleasure comes for free.

The procedure will set you back about $1000…not bad in comparison to the expensive drug habit you picked up at Whitney Houston’s 4th of July BBQ. Oh, and by the way, good luck telling your dealer in Washington Square Park that you no longer need his “stuff”. 


Thanks Tattooique!