Don’t Waste Your Cash: Diesel ‘Dirty Thirty’ Jeans

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Dont Waste Your Cash: Diesel Dirty Thirty Jeans emerging fashionDont Waste Your Cash: Diesel Dirty Thirty Jeans emerging fashionIn celebration of their “Dirty Thirty” birthday bash, Diesel thought they would stop exploiting customers with ridiculously expensive denim. Yes, October 10th  marks the date where Diesel lovers everywhere can pick up a pair of the “Dirty Thirty” jeans (Heevan style for men and Matic style for women) for only $50. I know what you’re thinking, call the boss, tell him you came down with an awful case of syphilis and get to the nearest Diesel store bright and early for this once in a lifetime opportunity. But don’t be fooled! These $50 Diesel jeans may seem like a steal, but they are really a waste of your money!

From what I can tell, the denim is of very poor quality. And, hello, who decided it was alright to revive the distressed look with holes and patches? Remember folks, it’s all about the raw denim and dark washes these days…the “I just got done scooping cow manure” look is out, out, out! I would much rather see that $50 go to higher quality, more fashionable pair of jeans. Hey, by all means, go for the Diesel jeans…just resist the Dirty Thirty. 



Thanks for the photos Hypebeast and Catwalk Queen!

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