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Drag & Drone With Rag & Bone

Drag & Drone With Rag & Bone fashion

When I first heard that Rag & Bone was doing a spring footwear line, I was pretty excited. Honestly, what isn’t to love about tailored loafers, slipper-esque oxfords, and brogue-detailed ballerina flats, especially with spring trends heading back in time towards vintage basics? Well, the recently released peek at the slipper oxfords as well as the announcement of the price range completely eliminated my excitement. Sure, the designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville might claim that the shoes are of “good value” and constructed for the frequent walkers of New York, but $330-$515 for such basic shoes? I think not, my dears! Grab a pair of canvas Keds, a can of metallic spray paint, and make these shoes for less than $20 yourself! Sorry Rag & Bone, these shoes aren’t worth my money or my freezing cold feet come March! 

Thanks Style and NY Mag!

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