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Edited by on July 11 2008 at 11:26 AM

Dylans and Sephora Link for Success

Word has it that Dylan’s and Sephora are collaborating to produce a line of sweet scented bath and body products. Though this may not be anything new, these two have not yet collaborated to produce a finished product. With Dylan’s innovative flavors and the success of Sephora’s constantly expanding company, who knows? This could be the best line they have sold yet. The products are expected to hit the shelves within the upcoming holiday season. Chances are the line will do very well; I’d run to get the products as soon as you can.

Thanks to fashionista for the picture!

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Story by Marissa Moshell, Student

When I started this internship I was a quiet, innocent, polite girl. Now I find myself bashing poorly dressed celebrities and trannys thanks to the influence of Daniel Saynt. I am a huge Metro Station fan. My true inspiration for writing is my desire to gain equality for all lactose intolerant folks in the work place. My goal is to prove to the fashion world that we too are people and that we can change the world one Soy Milk mustache at a time!