Emma Watson Had Motive for Cutting Her Hair, Besides Fashion!

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News has surfaced that Emma may have had an ulterior motive in cutting her hair, besides being trendy. The Sun reported that she is screen testing for the lead role in the upcoming The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie. Read more…

Emma Watson Had Motive for Cutting Her Hair, Besides Fashion!

An anonymous source told The Sun that Emma has already auditioned with director David Fincher for the part of Lisbeth Salander, a goth like troubled character with spiky dark hair.

If she gets the role, she will end up in some outrageous sex scenes with men and women, including a graphic and violent bedroom scene, at least that’s how the character is in the original movie.

Thanks Styleite

Article by Rebecca Alexander

Rebecca does not like biographies. They are stupid and she would rather spend her time editing the site. Which she does with great vigor. Rebecca Alexander tagged this post with: , , , , Read 4937 articles by Rebecca Alexander
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