Essence Hires White Fashion Editor. Black Women Pissed. Are You?

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The latest controversy hitting the fashion world is Essence hiring of a whitie as their fashion editor. A few black women seem pissed and betrayed and now everyone is weighing in. See my opinion and share your own after the jump.

Essence Hires White Fashion Editor. Black Women Pissed. Are You?

In my opinion, hiring should be color blind, but considering just how many white editors there are in publishing, I can understand why some feel betrayed. In every publication, white editors rule and many times it’s hard to find a person of color in charge at magazines.

Essence is known as a black publication, talking directly to women of color, and because of that many feel they should have a staff of black women in charge. But if that was the case, shouldn’t the same be said for Vogue and Elle.  Since they predominantly speak to white women, should they only hire white women?

Personally, I feel the answer is no, but if you’re angry about Essence hiring practices, then you’re basically accepting Vogue’s actions, which many would considered unfair. Remember, it’s a two-way runway…

Article by Daniel Saynt, The Dude

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