It’s Malan Darlings: Handbags, The Sarandon Effect and Malan in Elle

         December 3rd, 2007

The last few weeks have been full of glamour, celebrities, fashion, and more fashion…

I picked up a recent copy of ELLE and tucked in the pages was one of my dresses for Spring. What a lovely surprise! Speaking of Elle, Project Runway has been on its new season… What do you think? Questions anyone?

It has been fascinating to see how different the show has become over the years.

Susan We

Well meetings went brilliantly this week, My new handbags are Gorgeous!!! We are also preparing a fragrance launch. Then there was Susan Sarandon, with whom I had a lovely conversation at the WE television event this week. So gorgeous! I was brought back to memories of one of my favorite films The Hunger. If you have never seen it, do!

I have been enjoying my holiday parties. I had dinner with the gorgeous Kelly Choi and friends on Thanksgiving. God the year has gone by so quickly what will 2007 bring? Well in the industry we are I already know what 2009 will bring, except for the day to day. The weeks are a blur but one thing I remember is moisturizer. It keeps me young and supple. LOL! Darlings!

Have a martini on me and prepare yourself for a diary of fashion like you have never read.
Malan Breton

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