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by on June 10, 2011

Behind the thrills of all the clothes and reviews, there are also all the Wintours, and Karlfelds with all the spunk and magic that make it all happen. And in today’s tech savvy generation, there is no excuse for any trendy girl to not follow the bible blogs of street style religiously, some more than others, and the first one on that list is That is why FashionIndie has the wicked exclusive into the mind of Amy Levin, Collegefashionista’s very own founder.

Exclusive Interview: Amy Levin Talks Collegefashionista Street Style


1. How did the idea strike you to start Collegefashionista?

It started as a personal blog that I was using to enhance my resume and establish my voice in the industry then turned into an actual company and full-time job.


2. What does your day as the creative director/ founder of consist of?

A great part of my job is that there is no typical day as an entrepreneur! One day I will be working with our social media team on a new Facebook app and the next day I will be around town shooting a video series with influential leaders in the industry. It truly changes day-to-day and that’s what leaves my job extremely thrilling. One thing that is consistent on a regular basis is connecting with my Style Guru team and making sure all 200 plus members are on the right page. I have a very intimate relationship with my writers and they are always my top priority each day. And, of course, there is also loads of editing, writing features, photographing subjects for my column, connecting with our readers through Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr and meetings with brands and other partners thrown in there as well. CollegeFashionista is a 24/7 job and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


3. What is your most favorite part about being the Editor of such a well known street style site?

The impact I have on my Style Gurus is the most rewarding and my favorite part of my job as editor. I love interacting with my team and seeing the effect my Web site has on them. They’re enthusiasm and dedication to the site is invigorating.


4. Did you always want to work in fashion?

While I always knew I wanted to work in fashion, I was never quite sure what aspect of the industry I necessarily gravitated to. CollegeFashionista has been that niche I had been looking for.  It combines so many aspects of the fashion industry, which, for me, makes it the perfect, perfect job. You can’t plan what you think you will do because chances are that isn’t where you will end up!


5. What was your first job in the fashion industry?

My first internship was for a PR firm in London during my Junior year in college. I have never worked full-time for anyone other then myself since I started CollegeFashionista right after I graduated in 2009. Pretty luck girl Exclusive Interview: Amy Levin Talks Collegefashionista Street Style


6. What makes a good intern?

Someone who is driven, self-motivated and can figure things out for themselves. I know as an intern how stressed out my supervisors were. They needed me as the intern to create my own projects and didn’t have time to hold my hand. A successful intern is one who can navigate the office and figure out what needs to be done without being asked.


7. What is the best advice you can give to an aspiring fashion editor?

Be nice. I can’t begin to tell you how often that is overlooked and how far that will get you.  There is very real stereotype that people in the fashion industry have a hard edge. But I firmly believe it’s those who are kind that rise to the top. We all need other to succeed. Don’t forget that!


Equally important is networking. Develop relationships with people in the fashion industry, people in other industries and everyone you meet in general. You never know who that person may know that could help you get your big break.


8. What is your favorite fashion statement piece?

A white silk blouse. I think I own 10 plus white silk blouses and never get sick of them. They are my go-to piece. My sister calls the look my uniform.

9. Who do you consider your fashion Muse to be?

Iris Apfel- she’s such a cool, elegant lady. And the Olsens. I mean, you can’t get much better than that.


10. What are some of the brands that you have worked with

Juicy Couture, Bop, Ray-Ban are a few.

11. Who are your top 3 favorite designers?

Alexander Wang, Jenni Kayne, The Row.
12. What is your perfect summer outfit?

A sheer maxi skirt, loose white T-shirt, strappy sandals, my go-to Dries Van Noten sunnies, and a Chanel bag.
13. What blogs do you read the most?

Ah there are so many!! I always read TheCoveteur, WhoWhatWear, JakandJil, The Selby and, of course, CollegeFashionista. I usually read loads more but those on a regular basis.

14. Who are your favorite “tweeps” to follow on twitter?

@DKNY and @OscarPRGirl both crack me up and I love following our Style Guru team and seeing what they are up to!

15. Where do you see Collegefashionista 5 years from now?

CollegeFashionista has gone from a personal blog to a website and now a brand. Out of all the aspects of CollegeFashionista my favorite part is empowering young women and helping them shape their careers, which a lot have through writing for the website. I want to continue to hone in on this mentorship type relationship and really develop that aspect out.  I hope CollegeFashionista can continue to be that outlet for more and more young adults with a passion for writing and fashion.

Exclusive Interview: Amy Levin Talks Collegefashionista Street Style

Let’s just say the Fashion inspirations are everywhere, and what better place to star on the runway than the surroundings in your very own campus, and by following Amy Levin and the Style Gurus on twitter @Cfashionista.



Exclusive Interview: Amy Levin Talks Collegefashionista Street Style

Yale University

Exclusive Interview: Amy Levin Talks Collegefashionista Street Style

Boston University

Exclusive Interview: Amy Levin Talks Collegefashionista Street Style

St. John’s University

Exclusive Interview: Amy Levin Talks Collegefashionista Street Style

New York University

Exclusive Interview: Amy Levin Talks Collegefashionista Street Style

Penn State


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Contributed by Nicole Vardo

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