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Brian Lichtenberg is taking the fashion world by storm. The young designer has already had his garments on Lady GagaNaomi Campbell, and Beyoncé. He normally doesn’t do press but took time out of his schedule to talk about his Forever 21 line, Fashion Week, and his inspirations. Keep reading…

How long ago did you start designing?

I’ve been designing for over 10 years but it started in high school when i became sort of obsessed with Bjork and her wardrobe; in particular the Hussein Chalayan paper outfits she was wearing. It really motivated me to want to make clothes. After that I started
making things out of those FedEx tyvek envelopes, embroidering, paper mache, coloring, laminating; it was fashion as art.
Was fashion something you were always interested in growing up?

When I was younger I thought I wanted to be an architect but it wasn’t until I went to a private catholic school my freshman year of high
school after being brought up in public school previously did I really realize how important my freedom of dress was. It was then I became more aware of my personal style and started becoming more knowledgeable and fascinated with designers through magazines like The Face and Harpers Bazaar. Also a huge influence was Japanese street culture.
How did people like Katy Perry, Sky Ferreira, M.I.A and Lady GaGa start to wear your clothes?

It’s always really exciting each time I see a musician or artist I admire performing in something I made. Some of them are my friends too
or friends of friends. If I don’t know the artist personally then there’s always just about one degree of separation between me and the
artist.  I’ve been dressing musicians for awhile now, actually the first person I made things for was Gwen Stefani when she was with No Doubt 10 years ago. I think word catches on with stylists who are familiar with your work and then you become known for dressing stylish
musicians and artists.
What was it like putting together a fashion show for LA fashion week? In the future do you hope to show in New York?

Fashion shows are a lot of fun although they are a lot of work and stress, but showing in New York in the future is definitely not out of
the question
Your designs exclusive to The Haus Of GaGa  in the telephone video were quite brilliant. What was that process like?

They hit me up a 2 days before the video and asked if I could make crime scene tape that was going to be scantily wrapped around GaGa’s
body for a scene. I thought the best way would be to print it on strips of lycra. I love how quick the turnout process is sometimes
What types of things inspire you while designing?

Colors, textures, shapes and music.

How did the collaboration with Forever 21 occur? Can you give us insight o some of the designs?

I had a mutual friend reach out to them and they got in touch with me and we set up a meeting and the rest is history. I’m really excited to
be their first official collaboration. The designs have a beauty and dripping theme running thru most of them, 9 women’s styles and 3 men’s as well.

Did you have a lot of creative freedom while designing the line?

Basically I presented them a plethora of ideas and we narrowed it down to the 12 that will be in the stores.
What does your personal style consist of?

A tank top, jeans, ankle boots and something Hermes is usually my uniform.

How do you feel about the whole blogosphere? Do you feel it is creating a positive or negative influence in the industry?

I think it’s great, it’s definitely moving news, thoughts, ideas, images etc. around quicker than magazines and television, but the best thing
is you can control what you want to immerse yourself in on the web 100 percent.

Do you have an idea of a particular person/muse when you’re designing a collection?

Not necessarily a person but more likely an object or piece of clothing.
Define the Brian Lichtenberg women and man?


Is there anyone in the fashion world you would like to collaborate with?

Yes, some things are in the works.

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Written by Alex Kazemi

I try to speak for a generation.