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Edited by on January 25 2010 at 12:28 PM

FASHION FACEOFF: Anna Hathaway vs. Anna Paquin in Marc Jacobs

Actress Anne Hathaway and True Blood star Anna Paquin were both spotted in very similar Marc Jacob designs. While Anne’s is strapless, Anna’s covers most of her shoulders.

I like the way Anne styled hers, except I’m not the biggest fan of her hair in this outfit. The dress worked really well with her skin tone and figure. I liked how it was a bit shorter on Anne compared to how it fit Anna.

Which way do you prefer the dress & who do you think pulled it off best?

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Story by Missa Stumpf, TrendSpotter/ Designer

Missa is a young fashion enthusiast and designer. She has designed for Disney singers Aly and AJ of the duo 78Violet, as well as Canadian songstress Skye Sweetnam. On her website,, you can find her DIY fashion videos, along with weekly celebrity-inspired outfits.