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Fashion F*ck Ups: Rihanna

Fashion F*ck Ups: Rihanna

You may think I am overreacting or that this is a bit over the top, but believe me when I say that there are times I look at Rihanna and the sight of her makes me wish I was blind. What the hell is this? She makes Marilyn Manson look hot, and he performed an entire show with ass-less pants on once. I thought we cleared up this whole thigh high boot situation with her once already too. She is trying way to hard to be this trendy bondage goddess, when all it’s doing is making her huge hips look even bigger. The worst part about the whole situation is that she is praised on all these TV networks (Disney and Nickelodeon), yet she continues to publicly floss her ass and cooch on stage. Seriously Rihanna, I think that all the 15 year olds in the front row were puking everywhere because they drank too much Apple Schnapps from their parents liquor cabinet before the show, I think it’s because they had front row seats to a view of your birth canal.

Thanks Rihanna Photos well…for the photos

Written by Corey Moran

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