Fashion F*ck Ups: Spencer Pratt

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Fashion F*ck Ups: Spencer Pratt

Keeping up to date on our Mary-Kate Olsen, Spencer Pratt drama, Spencer appologized to Mary-Kate saying that he is “Secretly jealous of her” and that he wants his face on a lunchbox too. Well it is no secret that he is jeaous of her, everyone is (I know I am). But seriously, how did this douchebag think he was going to stand up to Mary-Kate Olsen. Look what he is wearing. Being the guy I am I know my sneakers, and the ones spencer has on are no joke. Unfortunately he looks stupid with them on, especially with his white tube socks. And what’s up with those shorts? Or are they capris? I don’t know but they have way too many pockets. So thank you Spencer Pratt for securing your position as number one douchebag in America. Oh and shouldn’t the thumbs on that Jesus shirt be pointing towards Heidi? She’s the one comparing herself to him.


For more picture of Spencer being a douche our friend Just Jared can hook you up.

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Article by Corey Moran

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