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Edited by on August 11 2008 at 4:00 PM

Street Zero: Santogold

This rainbow-colored, fishscale onesie should have never seen the light of day let alone an audience. I know she’s trying to be “different”, but Santogold’s attempt at originality makes me question her soundness of mind, if not whether or not she’s just trying to look ugly. After all, it’s always the one’s who end up on the worst dressed list that look the most interesting, right? I’m all for stepping outside the box, but I’m also an advocate for clothes that actually flatter and compliment, not distract and repel. As hideous as it is, this could have worked had it not been for that awful cowl turtleneck and lemon cake batter flats.


Story by Princess Glover

Jamiroquai is the greatest.