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Edited by on July 3 2008 at 1:03 PM

In our second installment of Fashion Icons, we have Lou Doillon

Fashion Icon: Lou Doillon

Lou Doillon comes from great fashion lineage. She is the daughter of fashion icon Jane Birkin, and half-sister to another fashion icon Charlotte Gainsbourg. She has an odd beauty, one that is distinctly French, one that us Americans covet. She is a model, actress, singer, and fashion designer-and unlike most, she can actually do all of these jobs well

Fashion Icon: Lou Doillon

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Style: A French hobo, meets the Artful Dodger-Flea market chic

Fashion Icon: Lou Doillon
Why She’s Awesome: Other than she’s French? She has great style without a stylist.

Fashion Icon: Lou Doillon
On her own style: “I used to put Indian leggings under short dresses, worn with tiny Grateful Dead T-shirts and Rollerblades, and I had long dreadlocks. By the time I was 11½, I had a stud in my tongue and tattoos.”

Fashion Icon: Lou Doillon

Lou can easily be feminine or masculine. Above she wears a fur cape and light floral dress. While below she wears tight jeans, a man’s shirt, and suspenders.

Fashion Icon: Lou Doillon
On her Modeling Days
: “I’d go to castings and people used to think I was the delivery boy with someone else’s portfolio,” she says. “Then, suddenly, I was confirmed to do all these shows — Vivienne Westwood, Sonia Rykiel, Christian Lacroix — it was insane! It was a total disaster because I was so bad. Missoni sent me down the catwalk behind Gisele. I was, like, ‘You’re joking!’ This girl sends out her legs 1½ metres in front of her, and I went on stage and just had a laughing fit. Someone had to come out to get me and bring me backstage. The whole thing was basically one big misunderstanding, but one misunderstanding led to another and another, and suddenly I was doing campaigns.

Fashion Icon: Lou Doillon

Watch her in all her French glory below

Fashion Icon: Lou Doillon

Story by Lauren Garroni

There once was a girl from California who bitch slapped Anna Wintour and then called Andre Leon Tally a fatty. That girl wasn't me but god was she fucking cool. Love: foreign fashion magazines, newstands, charlotte rampling, silent movies Hate: Lilo, ScarJo, The Zoe, trends, but chiefly hipsters-fuck hipsters