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Edited by on June 24 2009 at 3:06 PM

Fashion Indie + Honey Mag = MINX NAILS

Kirby and Mel headed to Honey Magazine last week for an event with Minx nails.  Minx are sticker-like cutouts that bond to your nails with all sorts of crazy colors and patterns (even metallic ones like those posted above) that celebrities like Beyonce are starting to wear.  Read more about them at Honey Mag.  

The event featured big name nail techs like Lisa Logan, Honey, and Deana Blackwell, who all have a strong celebrity clientele and know all there is to know about Minx.  Check out to get a full list of the salons where you can get Minxed, Bliss Salon in Manhattan offers Minx at their 49th, 57th, and Soho locations.

Check out more photos from the Honey Mag event on Cult

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Story by Hillary Frazier

I don't sleep, I blog. I am in fact writing this bio at 3am while blogging.