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We Need Your Help to Build Fashion Indie. Show Your Support…

Help Keep Fashion Indie Independent.

Become A Platinum Member

For sometime now we’ve realized that in order for Fashion Indie to grow, we need extra capital to finance our projects and that for us to achieve a level of success similar to other top online publishers we need to expedite that growth.

We have just introduced a Platinum Membership program to raise $100,000 from our network of supporters. For $100 you can purchase 1 of 1000 Platinum Memberships which are made available to those who are looking to help build our brand. Platinum Members receive the following benefits…

  • Access to, a private network where you can connect directly to other Platinum Members and get insider information about our upcoming projects, view our business and marketing plans, keep abreast on company developments, and discover additional investor opportunities.
  • Invitation to our quarterly Platinum Lounge where you can meet additional supporters of Fashion Indie.
  • Monthly Live Chat with Fashion Indie President & Cofounder, Daniel Saynt

Best of all, Platinum Members will receive a 2-1 return on their membership fees once Fashion Indie hits certain growth milestones. For more information on becoming a Platinum Member, click here to sign up or visit

For those interested in providing larger equity financing please contact Daniel Saynt at He can provide you with any needed business plans, marketing plans or financials to ensure you can make an educated decesion when choosing to invest in Fashion Indie.

Why We’re Raising Capital

We are currently trying to raise money to fund the following. There are a couple other, more secretive reasons we are seeking investment capital. To find out more, be sure to become a Platinum Member…

  • Creation of an affiliate supported online store to help sell a number of the designers we talk about daily.
  • Increase our marketing efforts to generate additional traffic and attention for Fashion Indie.
  • Create a customized subscription program to allow readers to take selected content with them everywhere.
  • Increase editorials on and provide financial support to our editorial team.
  • Launch new verticals for Mens Fashion, Luxury Fashion, and Streetwear/Sneaker Culture.
  • Hire a 1 – 2 full time sales people to help generate additional small – medium sized advertising buys and attract more clients.

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Article by Saynt

I once fondled Anna Wintour inappropriately while dancing at a Met Gala afterparty. Since them I've been banished to the world of online fashion reporting... Read 4660 articles by Saynt
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