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by on August 13, 2008

Fashion Quotable: Aubrey Oday

“I don’t take off my makeup, I eat fast food, I do everything bad.”

Let’s let you in on a little secret now Aubrey…It shows! It’s clear you don’t know how to take off your make-up and that quite possibly the only thing you do is put on layer after layer so that to this day you have days and days of makeup sitting on your trashy face! Lately you’ve been dressing more and more like our fav Kim Kardashian so I suggest you do something about that. And if you think we enjoy these statements of inspiration to tell all, please, please thin again.

Fashion Quotable: Aubrey Oday

Thanks to JustJared for the pic!


Contributed by Marissa Moshell, Student

When I started this internship I was a quiet, innocent, polite girl. Now I find myself bashing poorly dressed celebrities and trannys thanks to the influence of Daniel Saynt. I am a huge Metro Station fan. My true inspiration for writing is my desire to gain equality for all lactose intolerant folks in the work place. My goal is to prove to the fashion world that we too are people and that we can change the world one Soy Milk mustache at a time!