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Edited by on October 1 2008 at 1:12 PM

Fashion Quotable: Leighton Meester

On the question if being on the show has influenced how she dresses in her personal life, Leighton answers

“Yeah, of course, of course. It makes you much more aware of what you put on, aware of trends and styles. And in a photo shoot, especially one like this, it’s kind of cool to try something new. I’m not trying to go overtly sexy or too fashion-y. I have a lot more knowledge of designers and things like that. But I think it has a lot less to do with what designers you wear and what the trends are than who you are and what you feel good in. I still feel good in jeans and T-shirts for every day, so that hasn’t changed. But I like dressing up more.”

Read entire interview on Gotham

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Story by Rebecca Alexander

Rebecca does not like biographies. They are stupid and she would rather spend her time editing the site. Which she does with great vigor.