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Fashion Quotable: Stefano Pilati

Fashion Quotable: Stefano Pilati fashion

YSL head designer Stefano Pilati said Tom Ford was nothing compared to the late great YSL himself. Pilati served directly under him at the time as his design deputy. He tells Lynn Hirschberg in The New York Times Magazine coming out this Sunday:

“Tom had a very precise vision of the company that didn’t challenge women … Tom is talented but not gifted. That’s the way he managed the business. Tom would say: ‘We can’t do this silhouette because she looks fat.’ Or, ‘Oh, no — women don’t like this fabric; we can’t use it.’ That mentality was something to learn but was so far from my way of thinking. Why do you want to be safe? I’m more like: Why don’t you wear gray flannel for an evening dress? I find that fantastic! Not Tom, never.”

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