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Fashion Quotable: Sue Stemp

Fashion Quotable: Sue Stemp photo

“Spring/summer 2009 is an ultra-feminine take on modern romance, with a high-gloss, sporty edge,” Stemp reveals exclusively to VOGUE.COM. “Initial inspirations were the beautiful and infamous pictures of teenage girls by early seventies photographer David Hamilton, John Singer Sargent’s portraits and the restrictive sexiness of Edwardiana… And Spandau Ballet.”

“This loosely set the mood for the collection, which is dreamy and romantic in color and execution but young and glamorous in feel.”

Highlights, as told to Vogue, include embroidered Broiderie Anglaise and polka dot tulle dresses, draped skirts, high-necked ruffle shirts and slouchy tailored tuxedo sportswear, as well as a beautiful watercolour Blushing Rose print by artist Deanne Cheuk.

Def looking forward to this collection.