Fashion Quotable: Tim Gunn

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Fashion Quotable: Tim Gunn fashion

Recently, asked Project Runway’s of his opinion on the prospective First Lady’s of the United States. Gunn boldly replied that he clearly prefered the fashionable Michelle Obama. Gunn is not merely discussing the two women’s fashion sense. He insightfully intertwines fashion choice with character    

“Michelle really epitomizes American style, and she’s not afraid to show her shape, she’s not afraid to show her sexiness without being the least bit inappropriate,” Tim said. “She’s just an alluring woman. And Cindy with her suits and she’s all buttoned up, she’s just soooo — she just looks like she’s duct-taped! There is just something about her, and in a way it’s a metaphor about who she is!”

Thanks to NY Mag for the info!

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  • Very well said Mr. Tim Gunn, I really adore her style too
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