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Fashion Quotables: MIA on the Status of Art

Fashion Quotables: MIA on the Status of Art photo

“I performed at a show at the MoMA. There was this big dinner there, and I was seated in this hall with the mayor of New York and all these extremely wealthy art-supporting and art-buying people. There was a piece of work hanging in the hall—it was a fan. This fan was supposed to swing by the momentum of its own propeller. So, while we were having dinner, the fan was stopped, and the guy next to me, a curator at P.S.1, said, “Look, this is what art symbolizes today.” Like, that piece of art is supposed to be moving, but just to have dinner we’ve stopped the art. That’s what New York is like today. You can’t have real art happen in an institution because rich people can make the world stop.”

M.I.A. on the state of art in our fair Gotham in Interview magazine. Yeah, I know it sucks here. But at least your not getting shot at anymore…