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FASHION SCRAMBLE: Amar’e Goes 1-on-1 with Rachel + Choo Not a Shoe-In + Charity Never Looked So Good

- New York Knicks basketballer — wait! this really is about fashion — Amar’e Stoudemire, is teaming up with designer Rachel Roy — see — for her secondary line for the Fall. The two collaborated to create clothes for a woman who, according to Roy, “goes to basketball events or maybe football events. She needs something that is modern, something that represents her in a way that doesn’t look like it just came out of a sporting goods shop.” To elaborate, she asks what would Gisele wear to go see Tom Brady? Clearly, the pants she wears in the relationship. [WWD]

FASHION SCRAMBLE: Amare Goes 1 on 1 with Rachel + Choo Not a Shoe In + Charity Never Looked So Good

- I guess the Choo is on the other foot…. TowerBrook Capital, the company that owns Jimmy Choo – the shoe not the man — invited a shortlist of three investors and Jimmy Choo — the man not the shoe — was not among them. LVMH is a potential buyer for the brand which TowerBrook is expected to sell for about $653 to $817 million, more than twice what it paid for. I guess there won’t be an old Jimmy who lived in his Choo. Too much? [Elle UK]

- The first round of the CFDA’s Fashion & Friends for Japan auction has raised over $180,000 for relief efforts and now round two is up and running. Through, you can bid on, among other things: meeting Anna Wintour and attending a Vogue photoshoot, designing a custom PS1 bag with Jack and Lazaro and  a week-long stay at Diane Von Furstenberg‘s summer house. I love when Fashion opens up her big, glittery Chanel purse and dumps out goodwill into the world. [Fashionista]

Contributed by Lester Brathwaite

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