FEATURE BLOGGER: Chicstories Gives Short Gals Some Advice

Previously many articles were written about fashion and trend but being a fashionist means to have a reasonable height. But you are wrong. Here are some amazing fashion tips that would make a short girl like me look stunning and fantabulous in latest fashions and trends.

  • The first tip is the choice of colors of your clothes. Select your clothes in monochromatic colors. If you wear a particular color top and a contrasting colored skirt than you visually cut your body in half creating a short look yourself. Instead try out a look in one color. Same colored top and skirt or a long monochromatic evening gown. This would create an illusion of a taller look.

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  • High waisted trousers and jeans help you appear taller. You can also opt for high waisted skirts. They add the height illusion factor to your appearance.

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  • The third fashion tip is to evade wearing extremely flared or bell bottom pants. They would make you look even shorter. Try to wear jeans or pants that cover your shoes but shouldn’t be flared from bottom. Another tip is to avoid wearing Capri pants. They also cut your height and make you look short.

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  • The next tip is to wear dark colors instead of light ones. Dark colors in monochromatic tone add the illusion of height. The other additional feature of dark color is that it would make you look slim. Normally short people have the tendency to look fat because of the lack of height.


  • And last but not the least is an accessory. Wear lean belt instead of those chunky ones.



FEATURE BLOGGER: Chicstories Gives Short Gals Some Advice fashion

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