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F*ck Ups: Red

F*ck Ups: Red fashion

Red- the loudest member of the primary colors. It represents anger, passion, speed and… circus sideshows? Not really sure which pornographic ballet company the ringmaster stole these from, but ’tis the season to be giving, not taking.

F*ck Ups: Red fashion

Come one, come all to the holiday circus extravaganza. To my left we have Jade Parfitt. Watch as her anger towards senior prom comes forward in a fit of rage as she destroys her dress with her famous chop and re-sew technique. To my right is pop-star vixen Ginger Spice. Marvel at her ability to execute a peep show by putting clothes on rather than taking them off. The ringmaster wants to know what the audience thinks of his ladies. My roommate’s immediate reaction: “That’s foul.” I agree my friend, I agree.
Thanks Fabulousness for the pics
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