FEATURE VIDEO: Behind the Scenes Victoria Beckham

FEATURE VIDEO: Behind the Scenes Victoria Beckham fashion

Victoria Beckham is one of my favorite Hollywood IT GIRLS. She lands another Harper’s Bazaar cover, this time January 2009 issue. She talks about her marriage with the sexy David Beckham, her three sons and wanting another baby, but this time a girl since she has 3 boys. Can you imagine a little POSH being raised in Beverly Hills. A lot of people think she is overrated but I love her image, he girly girl spirit, her sexy body and love-hate that she can rock anything and look amazing. I love the behind the scenes video of Vikky hard at work. I look forward to getting a call to do her makeup…ENJOY

Below is my favorite part of the article;

Asked how she maintains her knickers-ready figure and Victoria will admit she is “very disciplined.” She’s not going to pretend she ate a burger before a red-carpet event, because she didn’t. She makes an effort. “It’s funny; I go to the gym now,” she says. “I run four miles a day.” Before events, “I go into hair and makeup, and I turn into ‘Victoria Beckham.’ I’ll try on all my dresses, and I’ll pick out a handbag, and I’ll put on the shades. I instantly turn into this person, and it sort of feels like a character. And there are so many pictures of it.” Interesting choice of words, it. She shrugs. “But it’s a true character because it’s still me.”

Victoria does let herself go occasionally, but in a very VB way. “I run around the house in a tracksuit sometimes!” she protests. What sort of tracksuit? “A fabulous one.” When out and about, she always pulls a look together. “If I go to the supermarket looking like shit, that affects my work. I am selling an image. Plus, I have fun with it.”



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