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FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHERS: Reed + Rader I’ve been ridiculously bored with spreads lately. As if we all haven’t seen the same models featured over and over again, photographers have certainly been lacking in the creativity department. The fashion gods must have heard my complaints, because I recently stumbled upon Reed + Rader, the collaborative photographer duo of Pamela Reed and Matther Rader. Reed + Rader incorporate futuristic graphic designs within their photography to give their work a video game/robotic/ space age vibe. Based in Brooklyn, Reed + Rader told New Wave that they’d love to work with Daft Punk, Rick Owens and Gareth Pugh…um, can you say potential for the most epic fashion spread on the planet? I really look forward to seeing this pair pump out some awesome spreads in the near future! 



Check our Reed + Rader here!

Article by Kirby Marzec, Managing Editor

Dior, Not War. Kirby Marzec, Managing Editor tagged this post with: , , , , , , Read 1530 articles by Kirby Marzec, Managing Editor
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