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Feel The Burn Or Splash The Paint?

love it

abs-b-and-a Feel The Burn Or Splash The Paint? picture-172 Feel The Burn Or Splash The Paint? Eat too much Cherry Garcia after your boyfriend dumped you for your mom? Can’t afford a gym membership to Crunch because you’re off dropping cash on delicious New York pizza? Step on a land mine, making you an amputee and disallowing anything athletic workout whatsoever? Well, here’s yet another tool, brought to you by the insecurities of  the 21st century, to make your tummy look toned, even if you’ve got obvious chub! Yes, my friends, you can now paint away your problems with Abs in a Box. The kit comes complete with sweat-proof ab highlighter, ab primer, ab spray and ab stain. And if that didn’t sell you the stuff, Abs in a Box even comes with a “Library of Secrets Manual!” Place that on your shelf of shame next to the brochure for your nose job, the pamphlet for your breast enlargement surgery and the booklet for your liposuction! Pick up Abs in a Box for under $70…or just get off your ass and do some sit-ups!



Check out HSN for Abs in a Box if the gym membership doesn’t work out! Thanks NY Mag!

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Written 10/27 at 2:48 pm by Kirby


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