Finch – Artist, Sculptor and Jewelry Designer

Finch   Artist, Sculptor and Jewelry Designer fashion

Finch   Artist, Sculptor and Jewelry Designer fashion

Finch   Artist, Sculptor and Jewelry Designer fashion

Before Finch started his career as a jewelry designer, he was painting, making clock cases, and dolls. The love of art and the odd jobs gave him the experience he uses today to create his unique jewelry.

Now at age 34, he is living the dream working with raw materials like recycled plastics, glass and metals. His use of anything reusable has made his work distinct in texture, as well as shape.

When I asked Finch which designers inspired him most he mentions Thierry Mugler’s work from the eighties. Fashion being the main arena he works in, he finds inspiration from other artists who also create objects using unusual materials like Mike Libby’s His work consists of real insect specimens, and antique watch parts, a similar ideology behind Finch’s non traditional designs.

Since Finch’s passion isn’t so much celebrities or fashion as such, he does tell me that actress “Tilda Swinton would make a wonderful muse, otherworldly, and magnificently odd”. I would say so too as most of her movie roles emulate all the movies I can see Finch designing for.

His first creation was a charm bracelet made of buttons inherited by a friend that had no clue what do with them. That was the first of many to come in the next seven years.

Finch also has a mainstream line of ready to wear type accessories, which is more everyday fashion consumer oriented. It’s carried in a few boutiques throughout England.

Finch’s last Winter Collection 2008 was designed based on modern day mourning jewelry. Using heaps of antique silver, ware platters and dishes, it was remade into amour. Each of the pieces was encrusted in pearls, glass buttons and adorned in large white spikes that were based on the scorpion and bee stingers shapes. These pieces were designed to be worn to keep people away while they are grieving the loss of a loved one. The amour was carefully lined with beautiful fake fur and strapped to the body with worned white belts. This collection weighed the heaviest, as well physically and emotionally for him. Also not very comfortable to wear, because they were incorporated by two head pieces, leg and wrist gauntlets too.

The most challenging design for Finch was a collar made from 10,000 black cable ties.This represented a sea urchin and was a commissioned project. This took forever to make and really hurt his hands. The more ties he fixed, the harder it got to put on. But as they say no pain, no gain. In Finch’s case I would urge him to get insurance on those rather remarkable hands.:)

For more of Finch’s work visit his web site:

By Sidory Dan-Perry

SOURCE: Finch – Artist, Sculptor and Jewelry Designer




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