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FIRST LOOK: 5Preview And A Question Of Collab. Organic Tee Line

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5Preview has teamed up with the Danish T-shirt company A Question Of… to create a sustainable line, ‘Faith Hope and Love,’ featuring three shirts that will be released one by one until Christmas.  The shirts are manufactured in Africa, but don’t worry, no sweatshops here.  A Question Of is all for helping out East Africa and using organic fabrics, while making sure everything is fair trade, their workers receive full wages, English classes, and training in health issues.  The first shirt released, and pictured above is ‘Faith,’ and you can get it from now until Christmas at A Question Of…’s website

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  • Thanks for sharing, Hillary! I am so thrilled that sustainable clothing is getting more mindshare, and is becoming more fashion-conscious. You can look good and do good at the same time! The only thing that's better than being "green", is being eco-conscious and socially responsible at the same time.

    We track stories like these, and have covered Out of Africa skin care line (, which is made with organic products, simultaneously benefiting women's cooperatives in West Africa.
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