FIRST LOOK: Diesel Flash For Fun

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FIRST LOOK: Diesel Flash For Fun Alright Indies, I might not know all of you, but there is definitely one thing we all have in common: WE LIKE TO PARTY. Let’s face it, if you’re into fashion, you’re into staying out until the sun starts to rise, doing a few regrettable things and partying, partying, partying. But what are we to wear on those crazy raver nights when you want to make a statement but be comfortable? Diesel is ten paces ahead of you with their new line for the party-goer in all of us. Flash For Fun is Diesel’s newest collection consisting of t-shirts, tanks, underwear, denim and sneakers that glow under black-lights! A special florescent coating is layered on the denim and cotton pieces to provide an eye-popping glow under UV lights!

My friends at Diesel were nice enough to send me a pair of the Diesel Matic Flash For Fun skinny jeans. Not only do the jeans fit like a glove, they have a checkerboard florescent pattern around the ankles that looks incredible under a black-light. Although I haven’t be able to rock these jeans at Tenjune or 1OAK just yet, the black-light in my apartment helped me keep the rager going at home! Thanks Diesel!

Diesel’s Flash For Fun collection is available at selection stores nationwide!

FIRST LOOK: Diesel Flash For Fun FIRST LOOK: Diesel Flash For Fun

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Article by Kirby Marzec

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