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Edited by on May 14 2008 at 10:56 AM

First Look: Stylista

They have a token fat girl. Aw, how sweet. It’s obviously not Vogue.

The new Tyra Bankable show based around interning at a magazine is finally getting some legs. These promo shots just hit the web and we’re guessing the show will be about as interesting as trying to find real substance in an issue of Elle.

I’m gonna give this show two episodes before I fully blast is for being a final nail in the coffin for traditional press. Last time I checked careers in the magazine game are hard to come by so I’m guessing this is some final attempt to prove to fashion lovers that working at a magazine is a “fun, low income way of spending your time”. If you want to go into publishing get a blog, seriously. Also, must every guy on this show look like a fashion cliche?!? I know it was filmed a few months ago but this shit looks dated already. The bolla hat, the scarf, the business look. If any of these fashionistas were smart they would have realized that they should have been rocking Fall 2008 goods to look like they are current. Oh well.

Below is a snap from some challenge in which they have to bring someone lunch. You can cut the tension with a knife. Actually you can’t, this is lame. Hopefully no one does anything remotely interesting and I never have to talk about this again.

First Look: Stylista

The Devil Wears Prada Reality Show

Story by Saynt

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