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Edited by on February 22 2012 at 6:19 PM

Last week, Vice Magazine posed this furry question. Free Range Fur: Is it still murder if you trap it, skin it, and sew it yourself? Aside from my belief that it is more humane to raise an animal for slaughter than it is to take a free and happy one out of the forest, this week FashionIndie asks our own fur-centric question: Is it still murder if you earn your fur by bartering the written word that embodies Adrienne Landau‘s collection inspiration for her run-of-show pamphlet? What if the initial meeting were to happen entirely by chance, outside of Lincoln Center, whereupon I would as well wind up interviewing her  on the subway en route back to our respective offices in the garment center? Could my conscious cope? I think the answer is pretty clear. And I’m wearing it now.

In case your conscious (or wallet) can’t handle the truth about fur, Adrienne Landau’s looking out for you. She has a stunning line of faux furs, A by Adrienne Landau, that she’ll be selling TONIGHT on the Home Shopping Network! She’s on at 10PM. Also on the lineup with her is Robert Verdi, selling sunglasses that curve, just so, to the top of the head.

Incidentally, it was right after I asked FashionIndie neighbor Robert Verdi for a ride in his most official NYFW Fashion Police car for a lift back to the loft. With a sigh and a tilt of the head, sunglasses unbudged, he informed me they were heading uptown for another show. Sigh, indeed. So I turned afoot, and a few steps later a woman started to talk to me, about my outfit, naturally, this is Fashion Week. After my introduction, she said, “I’m Adrienne Landau.” A warm smile of recognition crossed my face, then we pondered the prospect of splitting a cab to the Garment Center. No cabs? Fine, the subway then. “It’s faster.”

Free Exchange Fur: Adrienne Landau from Forest to NYFW to Subway to Me... to HSN


What kind of fur really gets noticed?

Fox. The long hair really attracts. Colored fur draws a lot of people, especially vibrant jewel tones. I have a whole jacket that’s mixed color; a combination of textures.

Who is your biggest designer crush?
Dennis Basso, he’s a good friend. His collection this season was beautiful. It had a younger spin. So lux!

What kind of fur will you never wear in the subway?
I don’t think there’s any fur I wouldn’t wear in the subway. I have to be somewhere fast!

What piece have you been wearing all season?
I made this really big, really, really, really lightweight fox jacket. It’s weightless! Makes you feel like nothing’s on. It looks like sable even though it’s not.

What do you do to pay respects to the animals, aside from making sure they look eternally beautiful?
We make sure everything is from places where they were treated well. We’re very careful about that.

After the interview, she asked if I’d come to the studio the next day and write up the collection inspiration, “You look kooky enough to do it.” Now, without further ado, to the Adrienne Landau Fall 2012 show. (And my fur bartering tool begins)

A collection in three parts:

This collection takes you on a journey from a naturally wild mountainous terrain, through the cold opulence of Russia, and to the sleek minimalistic New York streets. Within every woman lies these facets in opposition, yet each part requires a layering staple, a versatile standout and a piece that speaks directly to the heart.

Adrienne Landau Fall 2012 begins atop a mountain at sunset, colors dancing in the sky, playing in the wind as the free air rustles a melange of textures in harmony. Raccoon highlights leopard printed rabbit as sable tails fringe fox shoulders. A cropped Mongolian takes in the hues of the falling sun. They brighten the wild spirit of the wearer.

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Story by Jessica Lapidos

I impart my daily love of light layering, thick-as-thieves platforms and undiscovered fashionable gems. I love to turn a phrase, and in truth I'm a designer at werq.

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