Free Press? Ill Take It!

It Looks like Louis Vuitton got some free press, and who better to give it to them then the heart-throbbing boy band, the Jonas Brothers? Apparently, there is a scene in their new film Disney Digital 3-D which shows Louis Vuitton luggage being taken off of their jet. Typically designers would pay a pretty hefty check for press in the media (ex. Vitamin Water flaunts their beverages and labels all over Gossip Girl), but the Jonas Brothers basically gave away free advertisement in their film. I know what you’re thinking…the Jonas Brothers? Ew. I know, but think about all of those pre-teen girls influenced by the media. If they see Nick Jonas with the¬†Messenger GM Bosphore in Monogram Canvas, odds are their fan base is going to want one too! All in all, Louis Vuitton will probably do pretty well this holiday season.


Thanks for the photo I LVOE LV!

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