Friday Sound Off…

Fart Pants

We figured for the start of the weekend we’d sound off on some of the things that we left unresolved and raw. Here’s our Friday sound off…

1. We don’t actually hate fat folks or turban wearers.  I’ve met Andre in person. He’s not the nicest person and he wears sunglasses in dark rooms.  Seriously dude, unless your Usher don’t think you can head into The Box with shades on. It’s dark and you look like a doucher.

2. Agyness Deyn’s style is questionable, even for a hipster.  There we said it.

3. Kate Moss is awesome. Her Summer Camp spread makes me almost want to take back so much of the stuff we’ve said about her. Almost.

4. We kind of wanted Emma Watson for Chanel. Can we start a petition for this?

5. We layed off of Lauren Conrad this week but next week expect the HOT FIRE!!!

6. Stuff Fashion People Like returns next week. You know you want it.

Thats about all indies. Be sure to pop by this weekend for our shopping and style coverage…

Hugs and Disses

Daniel Saynt

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