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From Buffalo With Love


What’s up indies?!

It’s a bit of a sad day for me, as this is my first real day of blogging outside of the office. I’m currently back at my house in Buffalo, NY gearing up for the holidays with my family, before I have to move back to Boston for another semester at school. I got home Saturday night, and it has more or less been white out snow conditions since I got back. The picture above is what the scene is like here, and I’m already missing the Big Apple. Just because I’m away from the office doesn’t mean that I won’t be writing however. Blogging today has become a bit more therapeutic, and really has me seeing how wonderful my time in New York City was. Now that I am gone you can still expect the hottest men’s fashion tips, but when you’re stuck in the not so fashionable world of Buffalo, and extremely unfashionable world of Boston you can expect that the bashes are going to sting that much more.

For all the awesome people I was lucky enough to work with while I was in the city, thanks for the great times and I’ll be back soon! Enough of the sentimental crap though, I have some bashing to do!



Written 12/22 at 12:05 pm by Corey Moran